Read the article in the links provided, write your reaction to the article:

– Write Two full pages
(not including a cover page), typed, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font. You will write your reaction paper utilizing APA format.

– Be sure to include a minimum of 10 feeling words . All feeling words should be highlighted.

¨ Do not submit a summary of the article or repeat the same feeling word

¨ In your reaction paper, be sure to consider these questions:
1. What feelings come to mind as you read the article?
*If you are having trouble identifying feelings, consult the feeling lists/chart (attached)
2. Where are these feelings coming from?
3. Have you had similar experiences?
4. What feelings would you expect from yourself if the author were your client?

Differentiating between thoughts and feelings is key here. If you say you feel a certain way but write down a thought, points will be taken off.
– Ex. “I feel like that was unfair” (THOUGHT) vs. “I feel unhappy because I think that was unfair” (FEELING)

Article link:
A Daughter’s Pain in Losing Her Father

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