[A1]: You may suggest a title to your intake. For example, the use of client centered approach in helping elderly with problems relating to others in an elderly home

Client Information:
– Name: Dickson Kwong
– Sex: M
– Age: 54
– Date of Case Opened: 22 Nov 2018

Personal Background:
– Dialogized as NPC (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma) III, ready to undergo Chemotherapy soon
– 54 years old, good economy, planned to retire with his girlfriend
– Was an Accountant, high-management in Financial aspect, quit the job two years now and now working in his girlfriend’s company with no-paid
– Divorced 3-4 years ago, left his family suddenly as he met his first love who disconnected for more than 20 years, gave cash and property to his ex-wife and sons around hkd 10,000,000
– The relationship with his ex-wife and two sons was getting worse as they blame him leave them heartlessly, they have lots of prejudice to his decision

Case Background:
– He also felt anxious on facing Chemotherapy as he did a lot of researches and realized there are many sequels
– He felt depressed on the cancer as he thought it is retribution of what he ha done wrong. He is suffering the pain as he felt like he lost everything, including his sons, his money, his career, his dignity
– He felt stressful and hopeless sometimes when being with his girlfriend, as his girlfriend is a capable career woman and cannot put her career down, however, he only wants to retire and enjoy the life with her. Moreover, bad communication and extreme personality are also the main problem between them. He is the man with soft heart and always wants his girlfriend care him more. Although his girlfriend lo9ces him as well, but her behavior and mindset sometimes show she is rather selfish and love herself more than him, as well as rather rational thinking and interrupt the behavior and saying of him.

– Tend to be emotional and vulnerable easily
– Often persevere and focus what he lost, he tried hard to appreciate what he has but always failed
– Integrated himself to his girlfriend’s life but lost his own life, lost his hobby and interest
– Seldom met crisis or big difficulty in life, cannot afford the shock this time
– Stubborn on what he thinks he’s right, not willing to listen others until confront the sickness in current

***For this report***
This is the case intake report which supposedly to write up before any intervention plan apply. The intervention plan I would be planning to use the following psychological theories and framework (You could choose one as the main therapy in this case):

Intervention & Objectives of the following sessions:
– CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)
– Criticize his thinking and guide him to think from different angels
– Give him a new insight on his guilty on lost his two sons
– Erik Edison  Stage of Needs  Age of 40-50
-Give him a chance to release his bad feelings

Report Structure (Please follow the structure as below):
1) Literature review on etiology of client’s problem.

2) Literature review on possible intervention method and also analyze why not choose other therapies.
[A2]: It means the cause of the problem. You need to consult literature to see if there is anything describing or explaining the problem of your client. You may also apply different theories to explain the problem. First of all, you need to look at the developmental task of your client. Then you may use social ecological perspective to describe how the environment together affecting the person. Then you may apply other related theories to describe the issue.

3) Client’s present situation. (e.g. Client’s Behavior, emotional state, physiological state, Cognitive state, Interpersonal state). Analysis of client’s Present Life Situation through applying a specific framework.
[A3]: You need to look at from literature about research support in all the possible intervention. Have an overview to look at different intervention that found effective in previous literature. Then you need to explain with justification what kind of intervention you would like to have. All needed literature supports.
each individual session that you are going to work with this client

4) Client’s strength and what client has done to cope with his/her problems?

5) Justify your intervention plan with literature.

6) Intervention Plan (Your adopted theory or intervention strategies. Detailed planning of

7) Evaluation methodology of the outcome of this counselling.
[A4]: Here you need to have a plan of how many sessions you are going to have. Your objectives in every single sessions and how you are going to achieve your overall intervention objectives at the end.

8) Any culturally sensitive issues that you need to be aware in the intervention.
[A5]: You need to apply evaluation techniques from research. First of all, overview what have been done in evaluating similar intervention in the literature. Then justify what you are going to employ in this particular case. Then, how you build in evaluation strategies. Are you using quantitative or qualitative method? What scale you will employ? And what are the way that you collect the data?

9) Any culturally sensitive issues that you need to be aware in the intervention.
[A6]: This may be ethnicity, or may be discrimination towards particular group of people in society or cultural different between you and your client.

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