– You must create a NEW and UNIQUE puzzle or game – you cannot use an existing puzzle
or game that someone else has created (though you may be inspired by one!)
o If you choose to create a puzzle, it must be solvable, and there should be several
different stages (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, etc.).
o If you choose to create a game, it is your choice how elaborate you wish it to be –
it could be a simple game played with pen and paper or involve game pieces.
– The puzzle or game must have some connection to geometry or topology. If you are not
sure about whether your idea meets this criteria or not, PLEASE ASK ME FIRST!
– What is the narrative scenario of your puzzle/game?
o Be creative – have fun developing a context and back-story!
o Be succinct – this should be a brief paragraph, roughly 100-150 words.
o Be enticing – imagine that you were trying to market your puzzle/game as an
app, and this is the promotional description that will appear on the app store.
– What are the rules and/or instructions for solving the puzzle or playing the game?
– How can the puzzle be solved? – OR – What is a good strategy for winning the game?
o If you are creating a puzzle, be sure to include the solution to the puzzles.
o If you are creating a game, provide a set of guidelines for how to win the game,
or improve one’s chances for winning the game (e.g. in a multiplayer game).
What you need to submit:
– A visual representation (hand-drawn or computer-generated) of the puzzle/game
– An instruction manual for your game, including:
o A brief narrative scenario for your puzzle/game
o A description of the setup of the puzzles or gameplay, and the overall objective
o A set of rules/instructions for solving the puzzle or playing the game
– A one- to two-page (approximately) write-up explaining your inspiration and the context
for how you came up with your puzzle/game, its relationship to geometry and/or
topology, and either how to solve the puzzle or a strategy for how to win the game
o You should follow APA format (e.g. cover page, 1-inch margins, 12-point Times
New Roman font, double-spaced, citations and references as appropriate, etc.)
o Be sure to reference any existing puzzles or games that inspired you
– The content should be ORIGINAL (i.e. while you may use other puzzles/games as an
inspiration, the puzzle/game itself and all related work you submit, including the visual
representation, narrative scenario, rules/instruction, solution, etc. should be your own)

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