This is an individual assignment. By September 2, identify an individual with whom to implement a single case intervention and evaluation. This may be any individual in your life, not necessarily people with whom you are working in a professional social work capacity. During the course of the semester, implement an intervention with this individual or group to help change an identified behavior. This will involve identifying:
• The target goal as identified in the case plan.
• The behavior or behaviors the proposed intervention is attempting to change.
• The measure used to assess the change of the behavior.
• The means by which you will collect data about the change.

Once you’ve identified a target goal, design an intervention with this person or group. By giving them a voice in the intervention, you are helping them to be empowered in the change process. You can also investigate interventions in the literature and make modifications/adaptations to it as necessary. Keep in mind, this is a short-term project and as such, results of an intervention have limited implications as well as only minimal changes (if any), so don’t feel stressed to have an intervention with major changes!

Examples of previous SSRD topics:
• Budgeting (help someone reach a savings goal)
• Organization (time management etc.)
• Health interventions (weight loss, muscle strength, meditation etc.)
• Nail biting (Onychophagia)
• Anger management, and other behavioral management.

As you implement the intervention, you will write a paper documenting the planned change and the results of the implementation. The paper is not graded on whether the intervention worked, it is about the methodology and application of the SSRD design.

The paper should be 13-15 pages, using APA format. The paper is required to have a cover sheet, abstract and reference sheet and these requirements will not be counted as part of the page number requirement. If you do not write a minimum of 13 pages (full), or do not include an abstract, cover page or answer sheet, 10 points will automatically be deducted from your paper. Ten points will be deducted each day this paper is late. Do not place extra spaces in your paper to meet the full amount of pages, if so your paper grade will still be 10 points lower.

The outline listed below provides a guide for you to follow.

I. Introduction (2 pts.)
a. Briefly: Introduce single system designs and give the audience an idea of what your SSRD will be about.
II. Statement of the problem (8 pts.)
a. Describe the case (individual or group), e.g. age, gender, work, marital status, etc.
b. What is the problem or behavior they would like to change?
c. What is the goal he/she wants to achieve (short term and long term)?
d. Why?
III. Literature Review (20 pts.)- A minimum of 10 journals are required. Using less than 10 journals will result in a 10 point reduction.
• Remember this is NOT an annotated bibliography—the literature review should synthesize information from the literature including:
b. What is the extent of the problem (do others experience this problem?, how is it addressed?)
c. What interventions have been done before on this topic?
d. What measures have been used to assess change for this behavior?
e. What about cultural competency – are certain interventions and measures more or less effective with specific groups?
f. End the lit review with a hypothesis (based on the literature, what do you think will happen)
IV. Methodology (20 pts.)
a. Systematically (step by step) describe how you embarked on the study
b. What will you measure/what are the variables? (independent and dependent variables)
c. What type of design did you use? Describe the design.
d. How did you measure the variables?
e. How/when did you collect the data?
V. Results (15 pts.)
a. What did you find?
b. Include a graph of your trend line (10 points in this section go to the graph)
• Be sure to include the baseline/intervention line
• Proper headings are important.
c. To what extent did the intervention work?
VI. Discussion (20 pts.)
a. Why did the intervention work or not work?
b. Limitations of your methodology, limitations of this project, your interventions etc.
c. Internal/external validity conclusions.
d. Recommendations for others with this type of intervention and with this type of design.
VII. Overall Quality of the Paper (15 pts.)
a. APA Style
b. Flow of writing (i.e. professionally written, clean or choppy)
c. Grammar, spelling, proofing

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