After studying The Orion Shield Case Description (found below as a separate file), each student critically assesses the technical, ethical, legal, contractual, and other project management issues that faced Systems Engineering Corporation and its Orion Shield program manager, Gary Allison. There may be difficulties in each of these areas. Each student decides where Gary and others at SEC and its customer have done well and where not, and makes recommendations that would have improved the project outcome. This should be a succinct report of approximately 10 pages, plus an executive summary of no more than one page (not included in the page count for the body of the paper).

Assignment Instructions:
After you view the Orion Shield Case Description, reading the transcripts or viewing the videos as desired, you may or may not agree that Gary Allison has failed as the Orion Shield program manager. Your task is to identify and analyze the technical, ethical, legal, contractual, and other project management issues that he has faced and make recommendations that would have improved the project outcome.
Be sure to carefully study the SEC organization chart provided on the first page of the case and specifically address the following questions in your analysis. For each question, cite relevant resources and include a reference list for the paper (not counted in the page count for the body of the paper).

1. The Orion Shield contract was a fixed price contract. Did this contact type contribute to Gary’s problems in managing this project? Why or why not? Justify your answer by identifying the pro’s and con’s of different contract types and their fit for different project goals.. .
2. Specify any project planning documents you feel helped Gary’s performance (any cited in the case) or would have helped (those you think are missing but were needed). Give a complete rationale for your assessment and recommend documents you feel were needed but were missing.
3. What do you see as Gary’s project management strengths and weaknesses? What would you recommend to mitigate any of those weaknesses?
4. What external factors (in the organization or organizational structure) affected Gary’s performance—both positive and negative? What recommendations would you have made to mitigate any negative effects on his performance?
5. Consider the project reporting channel for Orion Shield program manager Gary Allison in addressing these two issues:
• Gary Allison failed to ask for assistance when Henry Larsen repeatedly bullied him. Why not, in your opinion? Name who should have been informed and what you would have recommended be done to provide relief from the bullying.
• STI’s representative on Project Shield, Sarah Wilson, complained to Gary Allison about his poor work on Orion Shield. Should she have complained to someone else as well, or instead? Why or why not?
By the due date, post your analysis (of approximately 10 pages), plus an executive summary of your findings and recommendations, and a reference list of all in text cited resources

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